Passing Traffic

Again, our town’s by-pass with its view of distant hills. At this time of year I love to wander out and take in the view. At one time I found that passing cars with young men in them would sometimes hurl abuse at me as they passed. I was on my own looking out at the Chilterns and enjoying the prospect. This seemed to be some sort of challenge to them.

Then I got even older and on one occasion fell over. A passing motorist stopped and helped me up and got me back on to safer ground holding up the traffic for me. It happened again and I was rescued again. Tonight I was resting with my stick, at peace, looking out across the fields, by a wall, as a driver pulled up and asked: ‘You all right?’

Yes, very much so, because of this human response. Thank you.

Maybe time to go home, I thought

Meanwhile the buddleia is coming into bloom – too soon after the Springtime’s lilac, so similar to look at.

The year moves on.

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2 Responses to Passing Traffic

  1. legiron says:

    I still get confused between buddleia and lilac.

  2. lleweton says:

    Yes, thanks Legiron. Sometimes it seems to me that as the seasons pass they almost overlap.

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