War Time

If this were a portrait only a fifth of it would show the land and the hills beyond. The rest would be sky: shades of pale blue, and white clouds tinted with blue. There is a raised thicket by the roundabout on the bypass. It is dense with hawthorn blossom. Impenetrably, amidst the May trees, the brambles are spreading. They’ll have a crop of blackberries in three months’ time.

As a small boy I would have burrowed into that little wilderness, making camps, scenting Spring. Can’t do that now. Last time I tried to explore I fell over and a passing driver rescued me. But the scent of this year’s, feathery, fragrant Queen Anne’s Lace, brings back those memories. Local legend has it that beneath this beautiful wilderness there is a bunker from the 1939-45 War.

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Long retired.
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