The sun is gentle now, this high summer evening. Its heat has lessened and its warmth is now also gentle.  There is a stillness in my garden. Rose and mock orange leave drifts of invitation on the air. I don’t know what that invitation is, but I want to be there. I want to come back. Next year.

What a perfect day it has been, here in Oxfordshire, this last day of June. A few drifts of high white cloud are in the sky, a gentle blue again after the glare of a very hot day. Red kites ride the air currents and some tiny swifts dart about, hundreds of feet above me.

The world is dark, in so many places, at this moment. Not here. Dare I say that?  I think God wants us to give thanks –  and not to persecute others in his name.

There are bees all over my lavender hedge.

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Long retired.
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2 Responses to Lavender

  1. Rob Hickok says:

    Beautiful again, Llew. “There are bees all over my lavender hedge.” – leaves the entire thing in a poetic mood.

  2. lleweton says:

    Thank you Rob. I hope, by the way, that you are enjoying today’s celebrations.

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