Letter to Pam

I managed to put some runner bean seeds in pots under a makeshift cold frame today. Hard work moving around. I used some of the same collection of seeds I sent you. In previous years this system has worked.  I filled in a huge form today of general information about me in advance of my ‘pre-op’ day on May 21.  I do jib a bit at telling them about my education – we’re talking about knees here. I suspect it’s to do with ghastly social ‘stats’, though they didn’t ask me if I was gay, lesbian, transgender or – what’s the other one? And I jib a bit about having to say whether I’m white British. Not even allowed to say English. J. was filling in the form because she says I always mess forms up. She made me comply with these bureaucratic requirements. Cowslips all over the place on the grass. Lovely. Our gardener mowed round them. I agree the ground is very hard. Amazing after all the rain we’ve had. Perhaps Australia is syphoning it off.  Re that newspaper cutting, we haven’t seen her for 15 years but it is  unmistakeably her. Funny feeling really.

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Long retired.
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1 Response to Letter to Pam

  1. valeriefreer says:

    Glad to see you are back…

    I like letters—peering over someone’s shoulder for that shared batch of humanity…

    Although, between the pollen here and your farms there, it seems a tired humanity!

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