Apologies for not posting recently I put up this as an update. The blog Tea and Cigarettes  was kind enough yesterday to host a contribution from me. For anyone who wants to see it the link is here http://patnurseblog.blogspot.co.uk/   The mood of what I wrote is somewhat different from here. However, more may follow later on this site. Or not. I don’t know. And I thank my readers.  As I’ve said before, I think, you could all fit in to a London cab. But what I’ve written to date, I hope I’ve written for its own sake. I’m content with that.

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4 Responses to Update

  1. churchmouse says:

    Hallo, Llew — I read the post last week. Sorry I could not comment sooner. A sad situation, indoors and out.

    There’s nothing sweeter than the scent of pipe smoke!

  2. lleweton says:

    Thanks, CM and regards to you and Mrs Mouse.

  3. Pooka says:

    A worthy read. I think the smokers here in my land are not so respectable as in yours. It’s a sorry scene to encounter a smoker spot around town. Butts and litter everywhere, even spittle and scorch marks wherever someone found it suitable to scratch out their cig.

    This does not frequently apply to cigar and pipe smokers, who appear to retain at least some of the character of their relatives from across the pond.

  4. lleweton says:

    Good to hear from you Pooka. Last time we corresponded I think you were about to be on the move, though I have called at your blog in the meantime. The issue I discussed on the guest post touches on many things: thoughtfulness towards others, individual choice on one’s own property and how we behave in public spaces. Underlying it, for me, is the issue of tolerance, of live and let live. With proper courtesy and consideration of others – and, if appropriate, first class ventilation – surely both those who want to smoke tobacco and those who don’t want to be near it, could be accommodated. You describe a place of litter and mess. Does it have litter bins, or ash trays? And are they emptied regularly? I have no evidence to support this or references to look up but there have been allegations here in England that provision for people who want to smoke is deliberately neglected so that where they gather becomes an eyesore and so that passers-by despise them for it. Actually at this moment in history – not in the distant past – I think the balance sheet for consideration of others and live and let live stands much higher among those who smoke than those who condemn smoking. I don’t know if we English are more respectable as you put it. It probably depends on where you go and what the conditions are there. Again, my regards and good to hear from you.

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