Peace and a Question

I was sitting in the garden this evening after Mrs Llew and I had struggled to empty the leaking rainwater barrel, can by can, into our duckweed-covered pond. I was exhausted. I had a glass of wine before me. The weather was making a good stab at being summer. For a moment all the struggles which a person with any sense of morality must have, seemed distant. I can’t change me. I felt a sense of peace. I can’t change the world. This glass of wine which I’m drinking now might provide a meal for someone, somewhere. But I’m drinking it. There is cruelty and injustice everywhere. Where a wounded man is in front of me on my path I do try to help. There’s much more that I should do. But I don’t. I mentioned very early in this blog that I was at the time of life when it would be right to weigh things up and, perhaps resolve what can be resolved. I paraphrase here. The reference is at  And I thought: if all our troubles are not caught up and redeemed through the redeeming work of Christ, there’s nothing more that I can do.  Leave it to Him, with thanks.

Then, I thought, is that a get out?

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2 Responses to Peace and a Question

  1. Your glass of wine is most well-deserved. I know two ‘times of refreshing’ – the one, to be sure, from the Lord. But your posts often give the other to this reader…you & Mrs. Llewe and the quiet landscape of England and memory…

  2. lleweton says:

    Thanks for your response, Valerie. You will know, as a writer, how much feedback helps, and how it can be a signpost.

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