Time Past 21

A reader has asked me whether I’ve ever sent anything out for publication. She mentions what she is kind enough to call my poems. I really don’t know how to describe them but if that is thought appropriate I am grateful. And no, I haven’t sent them anywhere.

Her e-mail to me comes as I ponder how and whether to continue with this blog. I have felt I have mined the vein which has brought a friendly response – though it is not only in a literary sense that I have wanted to ‘get through’ to people, as the ‘About’ section here implies.

However, her enquiry did cause me to remember the odd notes I have made over the years– and I was surprised to find how contemporary they seem. I therefore hesitantly append an extract (imagine it in single spacing, which I can’t work here):

May 29, 1991

Thanks be to God for scents and memories,

For fleeting impressions in a fragrance.

This blossom recalls a longing unremembered,

Itself an event, but even then an absence,

A poignancy much desired.

     Did it happen? What is this whisp of coal smoke

In a quiet surburban street? Where is the warm hearth?

Was I ever there? When I was, what then

Did I remember?

     A warmth, a fragrance, a memory, a longing,

Regents Park of a late August afternoon,

Broad sunlight, tall trees;

I was there. Perhaps I dreamt it.

If it existed, it spoke to me of something forgotten.

About lleweton

Long retired.
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2 Responses to Time Past 21

  1. churchmouse says:

    I know what you mean about Regents Park, especially during April and May — did I really experience it or did I merely dream it? No, it was … sublime reality.

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