Let Go and Let God?

I’ve dwelt here on the search for peace and hope, for  intimations of immortality in the everyday,  separate from the sheer messiness of ordinary existence. Maybe this theme has run its course. Daily life impinges everywhere – and its disorder. But it’s life. Here in the mire is where we are, and within which the search goes on..

I’m writing as Holy Week starts. I’ve addressed Christianity very lightly here. I’ve no qualifications, spiritual or academic, to do otherwise, but there is no other direction in which  to look. The Easter message looms larger and with greater brightness and hope, the more I look into the dark. And the older I get.

Here in the dark there are causes to support, injustices to fight, ill health to combat, so much which takes over each day. Maybe there’s a time to leave all this alone: to ‘let go and let God’, as some people say. Maybe.

Well, there’s still a lot to sort out.. When it’s time to let go, I will, prayerfully. We’re not playing here. I’m talking about life and death, eternal choices which affect those we know, near, distant and casual, and all the ripples of which we are the cause.

But I will let go when the time comes, and let go and let God.  In the meantime, here in the dark,  rays of light are everywhere.


About lleweton

Long retired.
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