Open Window – Sunday October 9, 2011

The  west wind brings the countryside into my study tonight. And, to me, it brings nostalgia. I remember a Cornish lane, many years ago. I was on holiday with my parents. The sky was grey. It had been raining all night and I smelled the freshness. It was sweet. And alive.

In that deep, drenched lane in Cornwall, a spring gushed from the high hedge, where primroses bloom in Springtime and the pink heliotrope flowers in winter. I remembered this green hollow and its living water this evening, as the wind swept across our town and its trees shed their leaves.

The wind carried a message, as did that Cornish morning. It was … is … an elusive message. I can only call it a message of Heaven – and with that there came a new nostalgia, for a place we do not remember, which tells us through its scent and savour that it is there, and for which we can only hope.

This morning the theme of a religious broadcast was depression. It’s strange, but even a glorious sunny day is no proof for me against that condition when it decides to hit. But, in the rain-rinsed west wind now, I feel no sadness. I shall leave my window wide tonight. To experience this is itself a kind of fulfilment, though it remains incomplete. Such is my mood, now.

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4 Responses to Open Window – Sunday October 9, 2011

  1. Valerie Freer says:

    Another of those breathlessly beautiful, haunting pieces.

    Thank you…

    • lleweton says:

      And my thanks to you, Valerie. Your comment is very encouraging. In this blog I’m reaching for what I want to say, aware, always, as it is a blog, of the danger of letting style dictate substance, rather than the other way round. It’s difficult to get the balance right.

  2. Llew, I can’t tell you how encouraging it is, and hopeful for me, in forward-looking, to read this one. You are able to savor these memories and connect them in a way that makes the moment worth living.

    “And God said it was good.”

    You make me want my own study, as well. with a window I can throw open on a cooling summer’s eve.

    • lleweton says:

      Thanks, Rob. I’m trying to discern the sense – not out of nonsense, but of the kaleidoscope of memories which informs my life and the lives of the people I love and of my friends, and to put the results into words. That you have found this encouraging, in its turn encourages me to keep these posts going.

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