Time Past – 15

This is a variant of the occasional Time Past sequence here. It was written by Mrs Llew nine years ago. We were reading old family newsletters together and I thought it chimed with the present mood of this blog. A digest of these epistles can be found at http://www.fanshawe-flyer.co.uk/  , though this one happens not to have been included.

Memento to Granddad – October 2003

Jean loved her granddad and has happy memories of sitting in his shed playing with his tins of rusty nails. His garden wouldn’t have won many prizes either. Rows of cabbages turned into lace curtains by caterpillars come to mind but also Cosmo flowers, clumps of them in rich shades of pink and purple. Fifty years after his death Jean decided to plant some.

Rarely has she taken more care in the planting, feeding, watering, thinning. They grew tall and healthy but entirely without flowers. While the rest of the garden bloomed exuberantly, there they stood in their total green-ness.

“You’re spoiling them,” suggested a gardening friend and Jean tried to be less kind; but in vain. Love would surely win through.

Now in the autumn, when berries are appearing and sad remaining flowers droop and die, the Cosmos have sprung to life. They are a joy to behold and sniffing some crushed dead ones in her hands, Jean was transported to a bedraggled garden in the 1940s and an old man who kept tobacco tins full of rusty nails.

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