Fruit of the Earth

For my 76th birthday my family gave me four fermentation jars and various gadgets to help me brew country wines. I love the smell of fermenting fruit – and a very murky jar in our kitchen is giving off a cheerful ‘gloop, gloop’, as it bubbles away. The reason for my return to this activity after many years is the amazingly heavy crop of ripe, sweet, red crab apples our tree has produced this year. A lot of them will go into the compost but this is fun.  

I’ve come this way via Bournemouth, where, with our close family, Mrs Llew and I spent a few very happy days last week, as the gales swept the beaches and breakers foamed into the shallows. It was there that my son in law manoeuvred a toy kite above the wind and handed the cord to our grandchild  who held it as it rode the air currents. A lovely sight.

Today I am creating a brew for the future. A few days ago I wrote about  giving thanks.  It’s difficult to do sometimes, because I worry about the future. We all do.  When the family rang up to say they were coming over for my birthday I was elated. Not difficult to give thanks for that. But when life is grey it’s an effort of will to bring all the good things into focus. Today’s brew is for the future but I give thanks for today. And for Mrs Llew and our nearby family.

We can’t have certainty but we can have hope in the words of St Paul that ‘to those who love God, who are called according to His Plan, everything that happens fits into a pattern for good.’  (Romans 8, 28. J.B. Phillips translation).

My thanks, by the way, to Churchmouse, who hosted a guest post from me in July. It is relevant, though I do not know how or when. Meanwhile, I give thanks for the sea and the kite and those who flew it above the gale.

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3 Responses to Fruit of the Earth

  1. churchmouse says:

    You’re most welcome, Llew — I was (and am) happy to host your post(s)!

    Have an excellent birthday (sounds as if it’s off to a good start with the brewing kit)! Many happy returns! Pleased to read that you and Mrs L enjoyed Bournemouth, despite the weather!

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