Time Past – 12

Close Harmony – or Not

From the BFMS Forum (edited) November 15, 2009

An agreeable hour or so spent, but not long enough, sorting out piles of old sheet music and many memories this brought back. A copy of the Associated Board exam pieces for Grade 1 (1949) carried the handwriting of our old music teacher  – my sister’s and mine.

This was the first time people in our world,  who learned copper plate for clerks,  had met the neat, swift, slightly backward-sloping semi-italic script of  people who spoke with the accents of BBC Home Service’s Children’s Hour.

Subsequent  examinations up to Grade Eight followed and by now , as I sorted, I was getting confused between the pieces from my childhood and those learned by my own children. Many of them were the same. And the handwriting of my children’s piano teacher was indistinguishable in character from that of my sister’s and my teacher.

I remembered the time when the young Misses Eton played a duet in a music festival. Mrs E stopped the quarrelling pair  from coming to blows a moment before they mounted the platform. Sweetly they played and came third and the Invigilator congratulated them on how well they played together  ….

What heights might they have reached if they had not  been fighting.

As I dug deeper I found and sorted masses of music  of many styles, gathered and rescued from uncles, aunts and friends over the years.  My two talented daughters may one day make use of ‘When Father Papered the Parlour’, ‘The Boy Friend’, Gilbert and Sullivan, Holst, Hummel or Mozart or Billy Joel. Or their children might enjoy them. A lot of it would be great fun at the Evergreens’ Christmas Party.

And  Bless This House.  I’ve just remembered that one. Well, we on this site could do with a bit of blessing of our houses and families. Mrs L and I are indeed greatly  blessed in some ways tonight – and in other ways, let’s just say puzzled. I’ve not the energy for more.

During the sorting I came across a short note clearly dating from my younger daughter’s student days.  It was a message she was asked to pass on from one of her friends about a missed teaching practice. Totally  irrelevant to anything but I can’t throw it away.

I wish our daughters could play duets together again.


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2 Responses to Time Past – 12

  1. churchmouse says:

    Thank you for writing a post on music, instructors, recitals — simply marvellous!!

    I’m like you — saving all sorts of things others would regard as inconsequential, but the note is yet another small loop in the great tapestry of life. (Please pardon the cliche — you would have come up with something original, certainly! 🙂 )

  2. lleweton says:

    My thanks again. I had not thought of the post like that. But if it evokes a momentary and true picture in life, I’m very happy.

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