West Wind

I’m losing it. Since I switched  my posts from the British False Memory website Forum to here, I have tried to dwell on past times when I, as a child,  or when my children, when they were young, could relive moments of happiness, even hints of immortality – for religion played its part in our children’s upbringing. Idealistically maybe, I thought a chord  might sound which would herald harmony to come.

To be quite clear: my family has been stricken by the evil of false recovered memory (see http://www.bfms.org.uk/site_pages/frameset.htm for more information.) I have no way of making contact to challenge these accusations bar this, very indirect route. I have likened my posts to a message in a bottle cast on the waves.

It has found no current to take it to the shore.

I believe, even so,  that this sadness has born sweet fruit in the blog. Some of my readers think so.

But as  I learn today of the forthcoming Church of England ordination of a friend of one of my daughters – and our daughter’s  probable attendance there with a grandchild  whom Mrs Llew and I have never met,  I’m ‘losing it’.

There was a sweet midsummer dawn this morning, scented by a south west wind.

I expect I’ll be better tomorrow.

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Long retired.
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