True and False

My memories of my childhood, as readers will know, have become a major thread in this blog and maybe some readers would like to see this very interesting article about childhood memories, in the Health Journal of The Wall Street Journal  .

I found it through a serendipitous link on Dick Puddlecote’s blog   

I note that the writer, Melinda Beck,  says that ‘recovered’ memories of childhood traumas fell into disrepute in the 1980s ‘when some unscrupulous therapists were found to be planting false memories of incest and child abuse’.

Disrepute, yes, but not forgotten. As a reference to the website of the British False Memory Society, founded in 1993, would show,  . A check on its site would show that this is an ongoing issue and that the Society has at least 2,000 cases on its books at the moment.


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3 Responses to True and False

  1. Rob H says:

    Fascinating information on memory. Could explain a lot. More than just the current issue. I’ll be reading more on this. Thanks, Llew.

    • lleweton says:

      Yes, and my thanks to you Rob. The article gives food for much thought – and I have read quite lot on the subject of memory. Meanwhile I hope to meander on with my own reflections ‘as and when’, as people say.

  2. Rob H says:

    Looking forward to more. Good things to learn.

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