More Follows Later

Hallo again: this is just to let readers know that since I employed the ‘privacy’ option for my blog I have been thinking hard about where it should go in the future.  This involves reviewing my posts here and in the blog’s predecessor, in the Forum of the British False Memory Society.  I haven’t come to any conclusions but I think it’s right to reopen this site. My thanks to those readers who have followed it.

My first post here on July 14, 2010 was under a masthead, provided by WordPress, featuring a solitary individual walking ahead. Well, I’m still exploring.  People often say that we should not dwell on the past. I think I largely disagree with that. I would not wallow in it but to reflect on it helps me to understand the present and, perhaps lay the foundations of hope in the present.

In my old age I also hope it will contribute to serenity about the future.

As we used to say in my ‘hot metal’ newspaper past, more follows later.


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4 Responses to More Follows Later

  1. Rob H says:

    Being one who recently discovered your blog, really enjoyed your imagery and then was somewhat saddened at the loss when you locked it up, I’m pretty glad you changed your mind.
    Looking forward to more Feathers and Faith. Or A Sprig of Rosemary.

  2. lleweton says:

    Thank you. I’m really encouraged by your comment.

  3. churchmouse says:

    Thank you, Llew, for returning your fine blog to public viewing! Excellent news!

    And, to RobH — so pleased you linked to your blog, which I shall enjoy reading in full, too. I look forward to finding out about your journey to Calvinism.

    Best wishes to you both — the blogosphere needs more like you!

  4. Rob H says:


    Thanks. My little blog pales in comparison to Mr. Llew here. So I appreciate it even more.


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