Time Past 7

April 21, 2002

Yesterday in fine weather I went to Church Meadow, mown even closer now as preparations continue for the cricket season. A peal of bells rang out in the sun and the brisk wind. I went through the churchyard with its well-kept graves and saw  a group of people pottering along the path. They looked very Sunday best but not in an affluent way. Then I saw more people and realised that the bells were for a wedding. Didn’t like to stare. Photographs were being taken. The groom was a serving soldier in full dress uniform. Very few cars around. It must have been a local wedding, with the bells and all.

Today (Sunday) was one of blue skies and warmth. A biplane flew above the vale and the  Chilterns for most of the day. Was it a Tiger Moth? That’s the only one I know. Then in the afternoon, far from the road and on my cycle path, I sat and watched two gliders, silvery white in the sun, dip and bank and lift in the air, in an entrancing silence, above cattle and the growing crops.  What a view  the flyers must have seen.  In the lanes, young ‘candles’ of horse chestnut in their  ‘holders’ of green. Tiny curls of elder flower beginning to form. White dead nettle everywhere. Still some celandines, and primroses in the churchyard at Towersey. This morning, as if the mood of the day grew out of a gentler time, a gathering of immaculate antique open-topped cars set off from Thame market square on some kind of rally.

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