Narnian Snows

I’ve been busy. The theme of this blog has been centred on memory. And what has preoccupied me recently has been a book, Miscarriage of Memory, published  by the British False Memory Society, edited by William Burgoyne and Norman Brand. (The book is not yet on Amazon and ISBN lists but will find its way there soon.)

Memories can be sweet; they can be painful and they can be wrong. I have dwelt here in this blog on many sweet memories of my family.  I want them to be an antidote to wrong and false memories, where they are held.

In this frozen Christmas season I reflect how my young children would have enjoyed wading through the snow in their ‘wellies’ and spotting the sparkling decorations: how much they enjoyed their winter walks, looking out for the coloured  lights.

C.S Lewis said somewhere that in all our dealings with others we help them on the way to heaven or hell Perhaps, if the eschatological implications of that statement are a distraction, one might tamely paraphrase it by saying that in all our contacts we help people or harm them. It matters, when we remember our actions and the actions of others towards us, that we remember them aright.

For we can help each other or harm each other, even in our memories. And through our memories we can restore and heal each other. Christmas is about new life.

Memories can be sweet; they can be painful and they can be wrong. May wrong and mistaken memories melt and fade as, eventually, did the snows of C.S.Lewis’s Narnia.

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1 Response to Narnian Snows

  1. churchmouse says:

    This day is a special one for me and Spouse Mouse. I think of everything you have written in this post on this particular day every year. Our examination of conscience, one to the other, may be different to what you have elaborated on here, nonetheless, it is meaningful to us, if in a somewhat different way.

    Many thanks for your good wishes (on my blog)!

    May God bless you abundantly.

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