A Light on the Present

In describing this blog I said it is about memory: looking back, making sense, making peace and making whole, among other things.  At this time of year the past is vivid in my mind.  A priest I knew said it was the true time of new beginnings, more so than January 1. It begins a new year in universities and schools, the law, Parliament and on the land. At the bottom of my road the wheatfields have been harvested, the ground ploughed and the slurry spread, ready  for a new crop. A tractor goes back and forth in the distance as I write.

We lived, the old priest and my family, in a Jewish area of North London. It was the rich September sun , casting its long shadows tonight, that reminded me that it is almost the season of the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanna is on September 9 –  next week.

The light always has this encircling golden glow at this time of year and it is a time which Mrs Llew and our children will remember keenly: the quiet which descended on the area; family groups walking to and from synagogue on weekdays.

My long grown-up children will also remember the spicy mists of early October mornings and their ventures with me through the drifts  of moist fallen leaves to gather conkers in the nearby woods.

These are good memories, true memories. May they illuminate our present


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